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Collaborating to Shift Systems: Exploring Good Practices by Funders - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelly Diggins - RPA
Please see the Shifting Systems reports at https://www.rockpa.org/project/shifting-systems/
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See Naina on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/naina-batra/?originalSubdomain=sg
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Learn more about and connect with Heather here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heather-grady-5711509/
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Learn more about our esteemed panelists: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nina-gen%C3%A9-1b2827/https://www.linkedin.com/in/angeline-chin-2b7667/?originalSubdomain=sghttps://www.linkedin.com/in/timhanstad/https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadirshams/
Rachel Flynn, Skoll Foundation
More about our work at the Skoll Foundation (including a list of our five focus areas that Nadir mentioned): https://skoll.org/
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Please feel free to put questions for the panelists in the chat. We will address them during the Q&A portion of our hour together.
Kavita, Mandai Nature
@Nina, thanks for sharing the DD process and reports! Very important part of the granting process. Is there an effort that allows a collection of reports by other organisations too into a central database that can be accessed by (signed up) partners (following all data privacy rules)?
Kavita, Mandai Nature
@nadir and Rachel, where we can find more info on the Skoll Funder Collaborative?
Kelly Diggins - RPA
Shifting Systems website: https://www.rockpa.org/project/shifting-systems/
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Joanna la'O - Jollibee
Thank you to the panelists for this very interesting discussion. How have your processes changed during the pandemic when face-to-face interactions have been limited? Do you have experience implementing this in developing countries where Internet access is often difficult to access?
Gautam John (he/him) | RNP
I am curious if you have thoughts on the varied roles philanthropy can play across supporting organisations, leadership and technology platforms for systemic change. One reflection we have is around the need to support leadership as organisations transition from programatic work to systemic work and are not fully sure on the roles we can play in supporting that.
ANGELYN LIM - Asian Charity Services
Tom, your comment on streamlining report formats has come up in many conversations that I have been part of in Hong Kong - how would you suggest we can practically go about working towards that goal given different drivers for different funders? Are there any success stories from other parts of the world where, for example funder alliances have agreed to some broad common app type report ?
Gisela Tiongson -Jollibee Fndn
Thanks everyone for this! Have to go for another meeting. Look forward to more conversation.
Rachel Flynn, Skoll Foundation
This year’s cohort of Skoll Awardees will be announced in late March/early April - and we hope that several will be familiar to many of you!
Arianne Aldeza
For Tim Hanstad, what were the challenges you encountered in implementing long term and flexible funding? And solutions made?
Deepali, Rockefeller Foundation
When we look at impact, with multiple funding sources how do we as funders address the attribution question ?
Nina Gené
email me at nina@jasmine.org.nz if you want to see a couple of our reports, we see them as a common good and we would be happy for you to share them with your network. https://www.jasmine.org.nz/portfolio
Nadir Shams - Skoll Foundation
+1 Tim - very much agree on that insight/evolution
Gautam John (he/him) | RNP
Thank you @Nadir and @Tim. Your insights are really helpful.
Edward Ma, Yidan Prize Foundation
Thank you so very much for the interesting discussions and sharing of insight!
Heather Grady
We can send everyone a follow up that has the recording in case you want to share with colleagues, and the links we've discussed, and some additional thoughts from panelists.
Joanna la'O - Jollibee
Would appreciate if the answers to the question on impact attribution are shared to all the participants as well :)
Nadir Shams - Skoll Foundation
+1 - That contribution/attribution question needs its own session/workshop!
Gautam John (he/him) | RNP
Thank you! Such a great conversation.
Kenny Cheung - Yeh Family Philanthropy
This was fantastic, thanks to all the speakers and great questions from the audience!
ANGELYN LIM - Asian Charity Services
Thank you - great discussion
Joanna la'O - Jollibee
thank you so much to everyone, this was a great discussion and in such a concise time